“I would like to recommend Deanna Yildiz and her work. I have worked with Deanna over the past few years. She documented my Geo Palette system where Palette Artists can cut and color hair in an eco-friendly seamlessly combined efficient system. The system speeds up client turn-around and stylist creativity at hair salons. Deanna drew the illustrations to go into my education manual. She also helped develop the geopalette.com website. She has been enthusiastic, creative and talented in the work she performs.”

“Her work is invaluable to my creative team and I believe great things are ahead for all of us. I am proud to give my recommendation for Deanna. She is a quiet, hard-working, serious-minded individual with many great qualities that can benefit your company.”

George Mennella GeoPalette photo
George Mennella
Founder and Creator
GeoPalette Hair Salon

“It’s my pleasure to recommend the services of my friend and former coworker, Deanna Yildiz.”

“From the moment I met Deanna, I could tell she was conscientious and talented in her chosen field. Now that I’ve had the chance to work with her for a while, and gotten to know her well, I can say that she’s very friendly, outgoing, reliable and dedicated. She’s incredibly considerate and helpful. She’s also a true team player. She doesn’t hesitate to offer her assistance even when she’s inundated with work. I also know her to be quite dedicated to her family. I admire and respect her dedication to everything she does.”

“She has certainly been an ideal co-worker and therefore I recommend her highly. I’m sure many others will find her a joy and an asset to work with, as I and my co-workers have found her to be every day.”

“I appreciate your attention and consideration.”

Tracy Milowitz, VP Sales, Deanna’s supervisor

“I would like to recommend Deanna Yildiz’s professional services. I have known Deanna since she began college at FIT. She later came to work as a lab technician in our computer labs. Not only was she a great co-worker, reliable and hard-working, she was a great help to my students. She made invaluable handouts to assist them in their computer learning, going above and beyond the call of duty. She is always helpful and does what she need to do to keep a good atmosphere around her.”

“She was very pleasant to work with, we have become good friends over the course of the years and you will be pleased to have the opportunity to work with her.”

Judy Garner-Wortzel, Professor, Fashion Institute of Technology

I have had the great pleasure and distinction of working with Deanna Yildiz for many years. We began our working relationship at the famed Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Over the years since I’ve come to know her professionally and personally in many facets. I’ve always known her to be extremely intelligent and hard working with a passion for expanding her horizons.

Her arduous work never ceases nor does her ambition. She is a very talented woman in many ways. She is extremely creative as an artist, all the while expanding her computer skills and exploration of the mind. Deanna will offer of herself incredible insight, experience, and a willingness to develop working relationships with others to attain a common goal.

She has proved to be an extremely hard working person who takes pride in all work she does. All tasks are tackled with vigor and hunger for perfection for detail and to meet the goals set for the job at hand. She has worked in great capacities in creating graphic resources and interfaces to build workflows and interaction models for new and existing products. This work may be developed with internal groups for design concepts and various collaborative UX team members to create patterns and UI guidelines. Her quality of work as a private artist lends herself to having a high aptitude for visual design disciplines and interactive design as well.

Deanna creates work with the customer in mind, shows strengths in flexibility, adaptability, interpersonal and listening skills, as well as accuracy and fulfilling deadlines. She has a quick and thorough mind process for strong communicative skills with marketing aspects for many media forms. Such as a graphic designer, web designer, social media, and sales presentation especially in the academia surroundings. With her outstanding artistry, hard work ethic, experience, ambition, and working knowledge of virtually all programming skills used in various fields, she adds to these skills her strong talent for visual design. Particularity with balance, color, and typography.

She is a consummate professional and a pleasure and joy to work with. She has exceptional skills in organization, detail, multitasking and prioritizing, customer follow-up, and technical support and that with start ups and in a wholesale capacity.

Only the best of companies would deserve her as an employee. In light of this, she always gives of herself her best for whom she is employed.

Julie Hedges photo
Julie Hedges
BBA, Marketing
Professional Make Up Artist

“I’ve worked with Deanna for years and she is a terrific help. Deanna makes the best handouts! She has been a wonderful asset to all my computer classes. I wanted my students to remember what was said and help them remember the most important points so I needed great handouts and Deanna always willingly stepped up to the plate. Also, sometimes there was too much detail to cover everything during my presentation but she gave me the valuable reference material that me and my students needed to enhance what was covered in my classroom lectures.

She set the details, imagery, colors and fonts remarkably well in a consistent fashion along with the date and handout page number. Also, my contact information was included along with Deanna’s beautiful illustrations and screenshots of tools that she made to highlight the computer programs that I needed my students to learn. My major classes focused primarily on Adobe Photoshop. Not only did Deanna provide hard copy of the handouts but she also gave me electronic Adobe Acrobat PDF formats as well as creating the handouts and making them available for the web in HTML format with optimized imagery. There were times when technology failed during my presentation and I sure was happy that I had the handouts available as reference for myself and my students both during and after the presentation.

Deanna was great in helping my students as well during the class. She answered all their questions and has always been very helpful. If students needed extra help, I happily referred them to Deanna for her expert private tutoring services. She always covered the material with my students just as I did in the classroom and never tried to advance them beyond what I was covering in my class. She respected my curriculum and teaching methods and for this I am very grateful. I would love the opportunity to work with Deanna again and if you get the chance as well, you will thank your lucky stars to have her handy services to back you up. I wholeheartedly recommend Deanna and the quality of her work. She puts her heart and soul into all that she does.”

Jacques Hutzler, Photography Teacher

“My friend Deanna is an amazing Artist! If you want a painting or any personalized artwork def get in touch with her!!! She’s awesome.”

LaShanda Hunt

“I would like to recommend to you, without qualification, the exceptional services of Deanna Yildiz. I know Deanna both socially and professionally. I came to know Deanna through her sister Dorcinda who introduced me to her fabulous artwork. I was so impressed by her work and work ethic I recommended her involvement with a musician I am familiar with.”

“From all my dealings with Deanna, I find her to be extremely responsible and hardworking and I believe she would be a wonderful addition to any company she works for. I am especially impressed with her humor and intelligence and I think anyone would be happy to do business with her.”

Randy Spiesman
Photo of Randy Spiesman

Weichert, Realtors – The Spiesman Group, Kingston, NY