Acrylic Painting of a pet pitbull named Bella by Deanna Yildiz.
“Here I’m posing with the finished pet portrait I made for a friend and co-worker. This is an acrylic painting on canvas.”
Deanna Yildiz
These are some stills of a completed animation project. This was drawn in Adobe Illustrator and then compiled in Fireworks as an animation gif that ran alongside an editorial column for a Hispanic bilingual website.
This is an acrylic portrait created to commemorate the love between a family and new baby.
This is a humorous cartoon illustration created to depict the New Year baby hoping the trials and tribulations of 2020 would be firmly in the past. It’s a pen and ink drawing.
This is a portrait capturing a fleeting expression in time – a quickly disappearing smirk.
Commemorate those you love with a special portrait that will show how you treasure them.