About Me

Sunnyside Studios Art Gallery was created to spread the love of art in all aspects of life and living it

Hi. I’m Deanna C. Yildiz (maiden name: Deanna Knauth). This article/blog describes a little bit about who I am and what kind of things you can expect to see here at Sunnyside Studios. This online art studio focuses primarily on my artwork, including portrait work and varieties of art where art celebrates life.

I developed Sunnyside Studios as an online portfolio to showcase and sell my artwork. I also share FREE art tips and tricks, articles, art news and information about my past and upcoming art exhibits. Here you can contact me about any art projects which you would like to have worked on. You can also contact me about advertising on my website or contributing articles, content and images to the site. I’m also interested in exchanging links with pertinent websites.

My artwork range include: illustrations, animations, fine art, portraits, sketches, drawings, landscapes and more.

I appreciate and value your feedback and am open to your suggestions in terms of content and any other information you want to know about.

I offer:

  • Commissioned Art including: Adobe Illustrator work, Photoshop art, hand drawn Illustrations: Colored Pencil & Black and White Ink Drawings & Acrylic or Oil Paintings
  • Mural/Large Scale Art
  • Websites
  • Private Tutoring Available in Artwork and Computer Graphics, MsOffice

Payment plans available upon request.

For commissioned art: Please provide multiple photos with good details. All references must be pre-approved before assignment will be agreed to. Email me with your art project idea and send your photos to me.

Thank you for your time!

Email me: Deana's email address

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