When is it time you need an Illustration?

Arctic Poles Graphic

Why are the poles in darkness or light for such long periods of times throughout the year? It’s because of the angle of the earth as it faces the sun while orbiting it. Sometimes you need a great graphic to illustrate a point that photography just can’t help with. This illustration by Deanna shows a perspective combined with labeling that is just simply impossible with a straight photograph.

Sometimes a visual is the best way to illustrate the point you need to make.
When you want to get your point home and a photograph just won’t cut it, this is where a great illustration saves the day.

Yes, photography is absolutely lovely but you can’t always get the perfect shot you need. And as you can see, when describing why the arctic and south poles get long periods of sunlight and darkness, getting a photograph is simply impossible.

This is where a great illustration steps in. You can describe something intangible and make it clear. If it’s an educational diagram, you can use text to describe certain elements like where the axis of the earth is and how it’s angled toward the sun as it rotates. Also, an illustration can show how a situation changes over a large period of time — like a year which is shown here.

The other great thing about illustration is, it can be easily be turned into an animation and not only that, you can reduce the number of colors in your printed piece which saves you money on your budget.