Deanna and co-worker Vilma

Deanna and her co-worker Vilma Noda

“During the years I had the privilege of being Deanna’s direct supervisor, I found her to be incredibly quick to understand new concepts in technology and how they applied to the requirements of digital pre-press in a publishing environment. Our department analyzed, chose and implemented desktop software for use by hundreds of staff members, including over 50 creative art directors, designers and writers. We were also responsible for the technological accuracy and troubleshooting of their postscript files. In a large publishing environment with a score of regular magazine publications such as ours, that amounted to literally hundreds of multi-page spreads every month.

Training creative professionals requires a special skill set and whether preparing support documentation or taking over a wide range of classes at short notice, Deanna always stepped up to the plate with an attitude sand fortitude that ensured her success.

Probably the most demanding task she undertook was the conversion of existing databases into Filemaker Pro, the first desktop program to enable the creation of relational data across a wide spectrum of reports and control. The project was long, tedious and complicated but, as was typical of Deanna, went seamlessly and resulted in a much more effective end product.

Bottom line, Deanna Yildiz is a true rarity; a creative gem in her own right, but with the ability to utilize both sides of her brain and embrace technology to its fullest. Any organization or individual would be fortunate, indeed, to have her on their team.”

Steve Powell photo

Steven Powell
President/Creative Director

—Steven Powell, President/Creative Director at Co-oper8 Marketing Group
“I have had the great pleasure and distinction of working with Deanna Yildiz for many years. We began our working relationship at the famed Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Over the years since I’ve come to know her professionally and personally in many facets. I’ve always known her to be extremely intelligent and hard working with a passion for expanding her horizons.

Her arduous work never ceases nor does her ambition. She is a very talented woman in many ways. She is extremely creative as an artist, all the while expanding her computer skills and exploration of the mind. Deanna will offer of herself incredible insight, experience, and a willingness to develop working relationships with others to attain a common goal.

In the past she has proved to be an extremely hard working person who takes pride in all work she does. All tasks are tackled with vigor and hunger for perfection for detail and to meet the goals set for the job at hand. She has worked in great capacities in creating graphic resources and interfaces to build workflows and interaction models for new and existing products. This work may be developed with internal groups for design concepts and various collaborative UX team members to create patterns and UI guidelines. Her quality of work as a private artist lends herself to having a high aptitude for visual design disciplines and interactive design as well.

I’ve known her as a consummate professional offering in her work with the customer in mind, strengths in flexibility, adaptability, interpersonal and listening skills, as well as accuracy and fulfilling deadlines. And as a professional she has a quick and thorough mind process for strong communicative skills with marketing aspects for many media forms. Such as a graphic designer, web designer, social media, and sales presentation especially in the academia surroundings. With her outstanding artistry, hard work ethic, experience, ambition, and working knowledge of virtually all programming skills used in various fields, she adds to these skills her strong talent for visual design. Particularity with balance, color, and typography.

She is a consummate professional and a pleasure and joy to work with. She has exceptional skills in organization, detail, multitasking and prioritizing, customer follow-up, and technical support and that with start ups and in a wholesale capacity.

Only the best of companies would deserve her as an employee. In light of this, she always gives of herself her best for whom she is employed.”

Julie Hedges photo

Julie Hedges
BBA, Marketing
Professional Make Up Artist

—Julie Hedges, BBA, Marketing, Professional Make Up Artist
“I first worked with Deanna Yildiz while we were both with the online magazine Soloella.com. She was the MIS Director and I was the Art Director. Our company strived to be on the cutting edge of technology and Deanna made sure our talented staff’s lack of computer experience never slowed us down. She was patient, dependable, hard working and diverse. In addition to keeping everything tech purring around the office, she turned out to be a valuable asset in helping develop our product. On a technical side with her programming abilities and on the visual side with her graphic design and illustration skill. She’s a talented and delightful person. If she’s available, hire her.”
Irving Pector photo

Irving Pector
Creative Director

—Irving Pector, Creative Director at My 2 Sense Multimedia
“My friend and former co-worker from The Gifted Portfolio, Deanna Yildiz is an amazing Artist! If you want a painting or any personalized artwork def get in touch with her!!! She’s awesome.”
Shonda Hunt

Shonda Hunt
Nuke Compositor

—LaShanda Hunt, Media Production and Senior Nuke Compositor at Dassault Systèmes, 3DEXCITE
“Oh my God, Deanna makes the best handouts! She has been a wonderful asset to all my computer classes. I wanted my students to remember what was said and help them remember the most important points so I needed great handouts and Deanna always willingly stepped up to the plate. Also, sometimes there was too much detail to cover everything during my presentation but she gave me the valuable reference material that me and my students needed to enhance what was covered in my classroom lectures.”

“She set the details, imagery, colors and fonts remarkably well in a consistent fashion along with the date and handout page number. Also, having my contact information on the handouts was very helpful and she included it along with Deanna’s beautiful illustrations and screenshots of tools that she made to highlight the computer programs that I needed my students to learn. My major classes focused primarily on Adobe Photoshop. Not only did Deanna provide hard copy of the handouts but she also gave me electronic Adobe Acrobat PDF formats as well as creating the handouts and making them available for the web in HTML format with optimized imagery. There were times when technology failed during my presentation and I sure was happy that I had the handouts available as reference for myself and my students both during and after the presentation.”

“Deanna has been great in helping my students as well during the class. She answers all their questions and has always been very helpful. If students needed extra help, I happily referred them to Deanna for her expert private tutoring services. She always covered the material with my students just as I did in the classroom and never tried to advance them beyond what I was covering in my class. She respects my curriculum and teaching methods and for this I am very grateful. I would love the opportunity to work with Deanna again and if you get the chance as well, you will thank your lucky stars to have her handy services to back you up. I wholeheartedly recommend Deanna and the quality of her work. She puts her heart and soul into all that she does.”

Jacques Hutzler

Jacques Hutzler,
Photography Department
Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC

—Jacques Hutzler, Photography Professor, Fashion Institute of Technology & Parsons School of Design
“I would like to recommend to you, without qualification, Deanna Yildiz, as an artist and designer. I am the Broker/Owner of Weichert, Realtors-The Spiesman Group and I know Deanna both socially and professionally. I came to know Deanna through her sister Dorcinda who introduced me to her fabulous artwork. I was so impressed by her work and work ethic I recommended she submit her work for a project involving a musician I am familiar with. For all my dealings with Deanna, I find her to be extremely responsible and hardworking and I believe she would be a wonderful addition to any business enterprise she’s involved in. I am especially impressed with her humor and intelligence and I think anyone would be happy to have her design services and talents on their team.”
Photo of Randy Spiesman
—Randy Spiesman, Broker/Owner, Weichert Realtors, The Spiesman Group
“The word “Artist” takes on a whole new dimension when it describes Deanna’s work. Over the years I have watched Deanna create fluidity and brilliance from a mere sentence…a vague image in my mind. I wanted a portrait of my friend to remember him by. I specifically requested that it be watercolor, and could she please help me (and other viewers) “see” him in the painting. I knew Deanna had that indescribable ability to capture the personality of someone down to their last detail, and place it on canvas. I was not disappointed. It was perfection. Deanna had taken the picture, and not long after, there “He” was. His eyes were kind and compassionate, just as he was. Every nuance was detailed in the painting. I was amazed. Yet again, Deanna created a truly magnificent work of art.”
Leslie Lehmann Photo

Leslie Lehmann

—Leslie Lehmann
funny bird drawings

Illustration Designs
for Team Danger Girl’s
t-shirt awards

“When our leader (the infamous Danger Girl herself) suggested the idea of shirts as an annual award for the year’s greatest Grumpy Sparrow and Merry Warbler, I loved the idea but wasn’t sure how it would work out.”

“Lo and behold! Deanna Yildiz, the artist who crafted our awesome team logo and other graphics for us pulled these two images right out of our collective imagination for each character.”

“Seeing the Grumpy Sparrow image makes me want to be a darn good Grumpy Sparrow next year so I can get win that award. I may never be lucky enough to get the Merry Warbler… ; )”

“Thanks, Sunnyside Studios and Deanna Yildiz! You’ve been a great support to our efforts to make this idea of Team Danger Girl something we can spread around graphically.”
“Adventure on!”

—Wae Danyelle Davis, Team Danger Girl, hiking group

Team Danger Girl pose

Team Danger Girl poses
with their new label design
on top of the mountain

“I would like to recommend Deanna Yildiz’s professional services. I have known Deanna since she began college at FIT. She later came to work as a lab technician in our computer labs. Not only was she a great co-worker, reliable and hard-working, she was a great help to my students. She made invaluable handouts to assist them in their computer learning, going above and beyond the call of duty. She is always helpful and keeps a good atmosphere around her.

She has always been very pleasant to work with and additionally, we have become good friends over the course of the years. You will be pleased to have the opportunity to work with her.”
—Judy Garnar-Wortzel, Professor, Fashion Institute of Technology

“I would like to recommend the services of my friend and colleague, Deanna Yildiz. I have known Deanna since she joined my firm in 2002. Throughout this time, Deanna and I have maintained a close personal and business relationship. Deanna has developed a fine practice in her career as a graphic artist. She has superb computer skills and has successfully handled matters that our company has referred to her.

Based on my experience, Deanna Yildiz is a kind, responsible, dedicated person, with an excellent reputation in the community, that makes for a quality person to have in your company. Deanna is extremely hard working and of the highest integrity. For Deanna who has been a Senior Art Director at The Gifted Portfolio, her word is her bond and always has been. Deanna has excelled in her work for The Gifted Portfolio.

In short, I have loved working with Deanna and I am extremely confident you will love working with her too. I am certain that you and she will have a happy and mutually beneficial association for many years to come.”

Photo of Sean Geyer

Sean Geyer
Creative Director

—Sean Geyer, Creative Director, The Gifted Portfolio
Horses kissing artwork

Yes! Little girls really love horses and Deanna loved making Anastasia’s day with her painting of two horses kissing. Isn’t Anastasia the cutest? Here she is posing for her picture with Deanna Yildiz and her new fine art horse print at the Cornell St. Studios, Kingston, NY

“I have been Deanna’s mentor since she was a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology in 1993. She is a wonderful person and a talented artist, and I have enjoyed working with her on projects, consulting with her on art and the friendship that has developed between us over the years.

I have continued to meet with her at the Society of Illustrators Club and she has always come to me for advice on her ongoing art projects. She is quiet, good-natured and a pleasure to be around. You will enjoy working with her as I have enjoyed seeing her develop her amazing computer and artistic skills. She will be an asset to whoever she works for.”
—Ed Renfro, Illustrator

Hasan with portrait

Hasan Abdullah poses with his painted portrait

“Why did I get my portrait painted? Well, I wanted something that was mine and that was bigger and better than a photograph. I wanted that personal touch. I have to say that Deanna really made me look good in the picture. Wow! She is good.
—Hasan Abdullah, Hasan was a client of Deanna’s

Christ Knauth poses with his new painted portrait by Deanna Yildiz.

Chris Knauth is sitting and looking very pleased with his new portrait by Deanna Yildiz.

“In the picture Deanna painted of my husband. She really caught him as he really is. How he IS really. I like Deanna’s color schemes. I like the 3 Dimensional kind of thing that she brings out in her portraits. They’re not flat.

“I think Deanna captures the spirit of the person when she does her portraits. She’s authentic to how they are. She doesn’t make them look better or worse. She has the skills to make them look better but she doesn’t.”

“In the portrait of my husband, Deanna REALLY captured him. She really REALLY did. I don’t know what people think about it….but she GOT him. Just as he really truly is. That’s what I like about Deanna’s drawings. She captures the spirit of them.”

“When people see the artwork in my house they all say, it’s really beautiful.That’s amazing.’ They can’t believe it. That’s what they’re wowed about. They all like it. The colors. They like the fanciful ones as well. They love the animal pictures. The pictures are very realistic. Deanna captures the soul. The spirit. Everybody loves it who comes here. It’s unique, very vibrant and alive. She really captures the expressions of the people. It’s very fine, detailed, very lovely work.”

“People always say to me, ‘that’s really great!’ I get a lot of positive comments about everything. Even the unicorn painting on the wall which she had painted so long ago. They think that Deanna just painted it yesterday because the colors are so vivid and vibrant!….”

“I’ve just gotta say about her work: Beautiful! Amazing! Outstanding! Fantastic! 5-stars!”
— Maria T. Rodriguez, Maria was Deanna’s client

Testimonial from Sean Geyer re: working with Deanna
“Deanna and I worked together for six years, and in that time she proved to be a valuable member of our team. Deanna always completed her work in a timely and detail oriented manner and often stepped outside her defined role to add something extra to the company.

As a designer and developer she offered fresh ideas and perspectives on a regular basis that helped the Art Department grow. I gladly recommend Deanna.”

Sean Geyer photo

Sean Geyer
Gifted Portfolio

— Sean Geyer, The Gifted Portfolio, Sean was Deanna’s co-worker.

“Deanna Yildiz is one of the best graphic artists that I have had the privilege of working with. Her work, heart and graphic art skills speak for themselves. I highly recommend Deanna Yildiz.”
— Louis Santiago, Finance at Qmags, Louis was Deanna’s co-worker.

Here is a photograph of Deanna Yildiz is working with her terrific supervisor and VP of Sales, Tracy Milowitz. They are both smiling happily.

Deanna Yildiz is working with her terrifically efficient supervisor and VP of Sales, Tracy Milowitz

“I had the supreme pleasure of working with Deanna at Arrow Advertising. She was my graphic designer and we worked closely. I found her to be detailed, talented, creative and a delightful colleague!! She was always interested and supportive in all of the work we did. She was a great asset to me and would be to any company she works for.” —Tracy Milowitz, Branding Specialist at Captiv8 Promotions

“Exceptional! Fantastic. I love to see your variety.” —Jane Conger

“Fabulous vivid colors and incredible mystical magical personages ! Wonderful feeling and art ! : )” —Daniel Arrhakis

“Congratulations! I’m very pleased to say your artwork is of the highest standard and has been featured on the home page of the iSAW group. Well done!!” —The Jones Collection, Fine Art America

“Gorgeous!!” —Wendy Rickwalt

“Oh, this is so pretty! We loved it. Your artwork is Fantastic!” —Woon Salon, NYC

“I am honored to recommend my friend and former co-worker, Deanna Yildiz. She is a very helpful, cheerful person who is always a pleasure to be around. I have enjoyed my time working with Deanna. She is great at giving expert computer advice and helps me out from time to time with my website. I always appreciate her advice.

I can’t imagine a nicer person to have on your team and I think you will find her to be a valuable dedicated hard-worker. I think you will appreciate her many fine qualities.”
—Paul Beatty

“After seeing some of Deanna’s projects, which included her beautiful artwork and use of computer graphics, I contacted her to design some educational and language-based activities for use in my classroom. I was very impressed with the quality of her work and how quickly she was able to create projects for me that exactly fit my needs. I highly recommend her.”
—Rashna Wadia, Creative Arts and Writing Teacher, Rashna was a client of Deanna’s
Photo of Rashna Wadia

Rashna Wadia
Creative Arts & Writing Teacher

“That’s terrific! You did a great job on my coupon. I look forward to giving it to all my clients.” —Lee Erickson, painter

“Thank you so much the wonderful menu you designed for my restaurant. It’s fantastic the way you organized it for me. It’s a really, really great menu and the artistic work that you did on it is fabulous.”
Anthony Aveni, restaurant owner, Anthony was a client of Deanna’s

Photo damage repaired

An example of Deanna’s work photo repairing/retouching on a damaged picture.

“You did a great job restoring my photo. I was worried that it couldn’t be preserved and it reminded me of when I was a very youthful 16. It is a treasured memory and you preserved it for me. I can see all the details now. Thank you so much, Deanna. I highly recommend your services to anyone who needs them.” — Züleyha Egilmez

What made you decide that you needed a new menu for your restaurant?

“I knew it was time to start getting new customers. I wanted to pick up the volume so I decided to do a brand new menu. I love all the wording and the little map that you put on there so that the people can find my location whether they come by car or by train.”
—Anthony Aveni, restaurant owner, Anthony was a client of Deanna’s

Deanna Yildiz is in a photo with Setrak Agonian, the man who hired her to design the bronze doors that they are standing in front of.

Deanna Yildiz stands with the man who hired her, Setrak Agonian. Working together, they accomplished the sculpted bronze doors that they stand in front of.

“I am very happy to recommend Deanna. I have known her for over five years as my business associate working on a very special project with her talented art. She impressed many of my colleagues with her creative and intelligent ability to work with architects, committees and fabricators, and also she is a very responsible individual with great integrity. I think she is going to be a great asset to anyone that she works with.”
—Setrak Agonian, President, International Creative Metal, Inc.

“Deanna and I had the chance to work together for several years. Without a doubt, I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in employing a dependable, diversified, accurate, efficient & team-oriented individual.

On top of that, you’ll find a very pleasant, upbeat personality on the side. Someone who understands detail and is willing to expand her responsibilities as needed. She is also highly skilled artistically, which I believe adds an extra creative edge to her overall potential. Get her on your team right away!”
—Paul Beatty, Mercado Music Group, restaurant owner, Paul was a co-worker of Deanna’s

“Thank you for the high-end hair salon website that you did for my friend, George Mennella’s hair salon and the Geopalette hair system. He’s really happy about that and ecstatic. I want to congratulate you on all your knowledge and your computer expertise. I want to tell the whole world how fabulous you are.”

“The portfolio, headshots and resumes you did for me were terrific! It was amazing how you put my name, then the main headshot and surrounded it with the individual photos of my different character faces and all my different automobiles. I got some good leads for some movie projects and music videos from that.”
Anthony Aveni, actor, Anthony was a client of Deanna’s

“I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this pic! OMG you are talented!”
This is a logo design created by Deanna Yildiz for Howling Mad Productions. She created the logo using Adobe Illustrator.

This is a logo design created by Deanna Yildiz for Howling Mad Productions

“For the two years I worked with Deanna, she exemplified professionalism in her field. Ms. Yildiz is reliable, amiable, and adept at creative problem solving, which was a key component of her responsibilities at Crescent. I often commented to colleagues that we were getting double our money’s worth with her. I am very happy to write this recommendation for a person of Deanna’s character and expertise.”
Edward Lazellari, Editorial Manager, Deanna’s co-worker

“I have experience working with Deanna Yildiz, and I find her to be very intelligent, hard working and creative. She has the ability to explain tasks in a simple and easy-to-follow manner. She has superb computer and problem-solving skills and is always congenial when approached with questions.

I feel that she would be a great asset to anyone for whom she works. I give her the highest recommendation.”
Jim Schuessler, Assistant Production Manager, www.shoenami.com, Deanna’s co-worker

“I am writing to thank you for your help in setting up Softimage. Your spirit and willingness to help, combined with your ability to take over so quickly from the MPC people was, as you know, invaluable.

You have always been the most helpful and professional in each of your roles in the facility, and continued to update your knowledge all along the way. Your initiative with regard to writing procedure sheets for the various peripheral devices in the labs was very much appreciated, as this important task had been abandoned. We all benefited, faculty and students alike.

Your approach to assisting students and faculty in classes and labs was always at such a high level of excellence and cooperation, I for one cannot thank you enough, and I know I speak for the CG faculty as well.

You will be a great asset to whoever you work with. I would love the opportunity to work with you again.”
—Terry Blum, Coordinator of Computer Graphics, Fashion Institute of Technology,Deanna’s supervisor

“I have worked and been assisted by Deanna for the past two years. She has demonstrated herself to be conscientious, helpful and very intelligent. She is an asset to whoever she works with.” Ray Kinlock, Textile Design Professor, Deanna’s co-worker

“I have had the pleasure of working with Deanna as she has been assigned to me in my class as a classroom assistant. She was a great help to me in servicing students taking the first hands on computer course at F.I.T. I appreciate the patience and respect she always shows to my students. I especially appreciated that she pays careful attention to my teaching style, and that she always checks with me when necessary, to avoid giving students any advice that would distract them from the information and carefully structured projects I was presenting. She has worked with me and with my students in a cooperative, considerate, intelligent, and professional manner.

I especially appreciate the dedication with which Deanna worked to correct very serious hardware problems I encountered in the lab. Given the limitations of the equipment, she performed many small miracles, often working right up to the moment my classes would begin.

As an instructor who knows the value of a good handout, I would also like to mention how much I appreciate the handouts that Deanna produces on her own initiative, on subjects such as scanning, formatting, and general hardware information, for the benefit of the entire lab.

In closing, I can only say that it has been a delight to have Deanna assigned to my classes.” Leslie Bakshi, Computer Graphics Professor, Deanna’s co-worker

“I requested Deanna to work with me because I was very impressed by how responsible she is and independent in her judgment. She has spent 90-100% of her time under my supervision. In the year under my direct supervision, she gained a vast knowledge of technical skills that are above and beyond the duties of a Technologist C. I have enjoyed working with Deanna and I highly recommend her services to others.” Olin Suarez, Computer Network Technician Supervisor, Deanna’s co-worker