Wild at Heart – Horse kiss print

"Wild at Heart" - Two Horses Kissing

Mounting Options

The image is shown here displayed inside of a black matte like what you can order to fit the print.

Description: Wild at Heart – These two horses share a sweet kiss.

“Wild at Heart – Two Horses Kissing” by Deanna Yildiz
Medium: Acrylic Painting
Size: 8″ x 10″ image in 11″ x 14″ Matte
Price: $22.30 – print on paper with no matte; $27.30 – with matte
Shipping $6.25
Signed: Yes! Signed by the artist, Deanna Yildiz

About the painting, “Wild at Heart”

Why did I paint this painting?
I painted this painting because I was thinking how rare it is to see horse couples and even when I do, I wonder if they have a choice of being together or if it is because of others’ decisions only that they couple up?….so believing that horses fall in love as humans do, I painted a picture of wild and free horses who can roam where they want and love whom they want to.

I really enjoyed doing the research for this picture, finding stories of horses and their loyalty to each other and love seeing the beauty of these magnificent animals. It was my pleasure to paint this picture and see it to fruition. I hope you enjoy it as I do.