Elephant Giggling ACEO



I love elephants. I always have. I wanted learn how to draw elephants so I practiced and practiced a lot until I could do it. Then I started making elephant characters. This is one of my elephant characters. She is a giggling blue girl elephant. I hope she makes you smile too. Thank you for checking out part of my elephant collection and hope you will enjoy this one in person!

Drawn in ink with a tiny bit of colored pencil for a light color effect. Art Reproduction of my original drawing. Signed on the back.

This is a great way you can begin or increase your art collection or show your appreciation for animals.

This comes in a heavy-duty protective sleeve to protect the card from fingerprints and other damage.

All Rights Reserved.

You are obtaining only this actual work of art not the copyright of the design or idea. Please contact me, Deanna Yildiz, if you would like to reproduce this.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 8 x .125 x 4 in


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