El Morro 8×10


This is a reproduction of a small painting of a view of the water at night shown from inside El Morro, viewed from behind a watch post in the Puerto Rican fort.

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El Morro Fort Painting, San Juan Puerto Rico
I painted this because I was impressed with the immense size of the fort in San Juan. I went there at night with some friends and it seemed very romantic and ethereal and I tried to capture that eerie, beautiful feeling.

This painting was fun to do and I enjoyed capturing a little bit of history as it seems like a portrait study for a person and yet I did it for a huge complex of connected buildings and towers. Since it’s just one tiny aspect of the fort, it seems more intimate like a portrait.

Here is some information about the Fort

El Morro is now National Park in San Juan, Puerto Rico with over 70 acres of land.

This would be a beautiful gift for anyone of Puerto Rican heritage. It really speaks to those native to the island. It is a romantic picture set at night with beautiful colors of blues, purples and magentas.

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