UX/UI Designs

Figuring Out the UI Workflow

Sometimes You Just Need a Visual to Figure Out How the Site will Flow & Make Sure all the Users’ Needs are Met.

Interaction of Online System

This Describes the Job Details and What will be Input by the Artist & Tracked by the System

Interaction Design System

Website Tracking System Showing Details of how the Artist tracks Files & What Information is Needed to Complete the Job

Web Interface Graphic Design

Do you have an Interface, App or Website that you need designed? One of the current trends in Interface Design is Minimalism. After years of bells and whistles, some companies are providing user interface design that is going back to basics. Glossy icons are replaced with simple one-color versions instead of rich gradients. These two version of a graphic interface using icons have been created and designed by Deanna Yildiz.

Graphical webforms

When you put a graphic in your Webform, it can really help your users give you the data you need to collect.

Music Training Interface

Interactive Music Interface for learning to play a song note by note

Mobile UI Design

Mobile App UI Design – login screen for Geo Palette Education Resource Center

Planning User Roles

When planning a website, figuring out who will be going to your site is one of the most important things in planning what resources you will need to provide them with and the easiest way for them to get the information they need.

Personas for Geo Palette

These are some of the Personas taken into account for the ongoing development of the Geo Palette website for Salons and Stylists.

Geo Palette Flowchart

Website flowchart for Underlying Structure of Flowchart on how the Geo Palette website would be ultimately set up

Geo Palette website

Geo Palette website design

Soloella website design

Website for Bilingual Hispanic website for women

Character Animation

Character Animation for Website Design for bilingual Hispanic website for women

Legal Website design

Design for Legal website on Employment Labor Law

Persona Template

Template I use as a starting point for developing Personas

Deal Toy website

Gifted Portfolio website design where user can choose different types of lucites and Deal Toy awards to display

Image of a Basic Low Resolution Wireframe that Deanna can set up using her UI design skills

Basic Low Resolution Wireframe Template to be customized by Deanna

Created an online login system using CSS, HTML, mySQL and PHP

Example of PHP code to Select all images - This code was laid out in Dreamweaver but could be typed in any simple text editor.

A PHP Case Statement for Category search - Searching the database using a Case statement in PHP using the Dreamweaver program

Artist website form design

Drop down menu for user of artist website to choose a style of artwork to be displayed

Website result page

Querying the database for Products based on Category search
Here are the results for the query with embedded links to view more details on each product.

Used CSS, PHP and mySQL to create an interface for shopping cart checkout