Woody Allen & Mia Farrow

Woody Allen & Mia Farrow portrait of their break-up as an exploded puzzle

Rosalia Zambito portrait

Rosalia Zambito portrait of her in a happy moment

Chris Knauth portrait.

Chris Knauth is sitting and looking very pleased with his new portrait by Deanna Yildiz.

Question by the National Portrait Gallery:
Would you like to write about your approach to portraiture and figurative art?

    “I like to see the subject in a variety of poses before I choose what is the most fitting way to depict them. I enjoy trying to capture their expression and making them recognizable. You can instantly tell if the viewer is taken with the interpretation or not and I love it when I get a physical reaction from them which overrides anything they can possibly say about it. I enjoy getting feedback. I love to capture the expression in the subject’s eyes because that is the most direct way to tell if the correct look was accomplished or not. I also notice that subtle nuances in the hair, in shadows, even in the clothes really help reveal the character of the sitter as well. I like using several reference photos as well as having the sitter before me for a period of time.” —Deanna Yildiz

“In the picture you did of my husband. You really caught him as he really is. How he IS really. You really GOT him! That’s what I like about your drawings. You capture the spirit of them.

I like your color schemes. I like the 3 Dimensional kind of thing you bring out in your portraits. They’re not flat. I think you capture the spirit of the person when you do your portraits. You’re authentic. You don’t make them look better or worse. You could make them look better but you don’t.” — Maria Teresa, Maria was Deanna’s client

Portrait of Mother and Children

Deanna Yildiz’s Portrait painting of Mother and Children

Hasan with portrait

Hasan Abdullah holding his portrait painted by Deanna Yildiz

Here’s what Hasan Abdullah has to say about Deanna’s portrait work
“I wanted something that was mine and that was bigger and better than a photograph. I wanted that personal touch. You really made me look good in the picture. Wow! You are good.”
—Hasan Abdullah, client


The Smirk

a teasing smirk

“I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this pic! OMG you are talented!”

Wedding portrait painting

Zehra and Mustafa Yildiz’s wedding portrait painted by Deanna Yildiz

Dragon Ball Z cartoon

Poster designed and illustrated for Wayne as a Dragon Ball Z character.

Dragon Ball Z cartoon

When his Mom approached Deanna about her son Wayne’s obsession with Dragon Ball Z, Deanna was thrilled to make her son’s birthday even more special by creating him as a cartoon character so he could jump right into his fantasy situation. Drawn in Adobe Illustrator by Deanna Yildiz

Chris with Hat

Chris with Hat

Portrait painting


“The pictures are very realistic. You capture the soul. The spirit. Everybody loves it who comes here. It’s unique, very vibrant and alive. You really capture the expressions of the people. It’s very fine, detailed, very lovely work.” — Maria T. Rodriguez


Oil painting self-portrait by Deanna C. Knauth Yildiz

Oil painting self-portrait of Deanna C. Yildiz

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