gift coupon ad

Gift card marketing design ad for coupon discount for Sunnyside Studios art purchases, Designed and Illustrated by Deanna Yildiz

Logo drawing for SpaTech

Spa Tech logo design

Frank Sinatra certificate

This is a Certificate of Authenticity for a Frank Sinatra fine art print.

sunnyside studios marketing ad

Marketing ad for Sunnyside Studios.

geopalette promo

Total Control Hair Color System

geopalette promo pic

The Geo Palette hair system has unrivaled capabilities.

Promotional Ad Design

Promotional Ad for Rescue my Hair

Clearview Challenge Design

Clearview Challenge Graphic

Graphic Design for Seminar

GeoPalette Seminar Class Design

Castor Oil Infographic

What are some of the benefits of Castor Oil? This infographic, designed by Illustrator Deanna Yildiz, explains how it moisturizes your hair and promotes hair growth. Get your own design illustrating your own concepts by contacting her now.

Salon equipment ad

Salon equipment advertisement

Gift Certificate design

I created this Art Coupon for my fellow artist Lee Erickson for him to promote his artwork. — Deanna Yildiz

Gift Certificate Art design

Here’s the back of my coupon design.

geopalette promo

Promotion piece for Geo Palette

Geopalette promo

Promo piece for Geo Palette

promo piece for Geopalette

Graphic for Geo Palette

Geopalette promo piece

Join the movement for hairstylists

Promo piece for Geopalette

New technique to color hair

Olaplex Blog Graphic

Olaplex Blog Graphic Design

Hair Design Ad

The Chameleon Collection Hair Design Ad for GeoPalette

Infographic about hair

Do professional products preserve hair color? Do women think their appearance improves when they color their hair? These are the kinds of questions that are easily answered in a visually stimulating way such as an infographic. This graphic was illustrated and designed by Deanna Yildiz. Please contact me to get your own infographic.

Hair Design Ad

The Chameleon Collection Hair Design Ad for GeoPalette

Ecofriendly hair color method

Infographic showing how the Geo Palette is green and eco-friendly in that it can be rinsed and recycled unlike the traditional foil method of hair coloring.

Design for Hair Salon Education

Design for GeoPalette Advertising Hair Salon Education

GeoPalette Advertisement

Design for GeoPalette: Advertising a New System to Cut and Color Hair Simultaneously

Marketing Introduction

Introducing The Next Big Thing – Marketing material for the Geo Palette