Maps and Diagrams

Examples of Maps, Diagrams and Charts that I have done.

Real Estate Sales Chart

Real Estate Sales Chart compiled from Excel Data

Sales Comparison Realty Chart

Real Estate Comparison Diagram

Comparison of NYC Real Estate Sales for a Realty Company

Realty Diagram

Supply of Real Estate Condo Chart

Science Method chart

Flowchart of the Scientific Method

Crystalline Solids Chart

Types of Crystalline Solids Diagram

Children Transgression Perception

Comparison Chart for Psychology Class

Behavior Marketing Diagram

Behavior Marketing Graphic

Grow Model Chart

Diagram of the Grow Model Method

Educational drawing of skeleton

Educational diagram of the skeleton illustrated by Deanna Yildiz using Adobe Illustrator

Avogadro's Law

Graph by Deanna Yildiz, representing Avogadro’s Law: As amount of gas increases, volume increases.

Waste Management Animal image

Environmental Agriculture Infographic
Graphic used to depict the amount of waste from agricultural animals as compared to the waste only from human waste.

Lifespan chart

Chart diagram showing the lifespans of some 20th century leaders

Santa Fe Map drawing

Map Detail with Santa Fe

Map Drawing

Local Street Map I created to show the directions to a restaurant

Tracking expenses chart

Budget Flowchart tracking expenditures

South American Lucite

Lucite Design idea for a South American Client based in Brazil. This would be customized with the client’s particular details

Globe Lucite Award

Lucite Design idea with a spinning globe.

Oval Lucite World design

Lucite Design idea with a globe inside an oval shape.

US Map design for Lucite

Lucite design idea for a map of the United States in a custom molded shape with a clear base. Tombstone details would be embedded inside the lucite and logo or highlighted names or date information would be printed on the base. Design idea created by Deanna Yildiz in Adobe Illustrator.

PA USA Map diagram

Map detail showing Pennsylvania and other US regions

Indonesian Map Travels

Map highlighting the travels of Doctorate graduate Dorcinda Knauth for her Indonesian studies