This is a logo design created by Deanna Yildiz for Howling Mad Productions. She created the logo using Adobe Illustrator.

This is a logo design created by Deanna Yildiz for Howling Mad Productions

Team Danger Girl Logo

Logo design for Team Danger Girl – a mountain hiking group

Team Danger Girl pose

Team Danger Girl poses with their new badge design on their hiking trip on top of the mountain

Box of Rain Logo

Created vector version of Box of Rain Logo

BMX Logo Design

BMX T-shirt Design for “the High Life” – “Ride or Die”

Logo drawing for SpaTech

Spa Tech logo design

Spa Tech logo design

Spa Tech logo design along with menu bar design for website

Nina Realty logo

Logo design for Nina Realty Real Estate company

logo design idea

Logo design for Gotham Citibank, bank logo idea drawn up and created by Deanna Yildiz based on private client’s goals and ideas

Logo design with cat art

Logo design for Sunnyside Studios with cat artwork by Deanna Yildiz

Sunnyside Studios horizontal logo

Horizontal version of logo for Sunnyside Studios, created by Deanna Yildiz

Cat artwork logo icon

Icon for Deanna Yildiz to use for promotional purposes, the design was created by Deanna along with the cat artwork drawing by Deanna

Red and black logo design

Logo design ideas for Casa Brooklyn Habana. In this phase of the design stage, Deanna is helping to narrow down and finetune the finished logo choice as a decision is about to be made. This design was for a cigar lounge bar.

Logo design by Deanna Yildiz

Logo design for the Alaskan Moments greeting card collection, based on Animals from Alaska