Info Graphics

Web Interface Graphic Design

Do you have an Interface, App or Website that you need designed? One of the current trends in Interface Design is Minimalism. After years of bells and whistles, some companies are providing user interface design that is going back to basics. Glossy icons are replaced with simple one-color versions instead of rich gradients. These two version of a graphic interface using icons have been created and designed by Deanna Yildiz.

Castor Oil Infographic

What are some of the benefits of Castor Oil? This infographic, designed by Illustrator Deanna Yildiz, explains how it moisturizes your hair and promotes hair growth. Get your own design illustrating your own concepts by contacting her now.

Motivation Infographic

What does it take to be Successful? This Infographic has some clues. Just contact Deanna to get your own Infographic designed. Graphic art ┬ęDeanna Yildiz

Saggy Pant Infographic

How can you view information and understand it quickly? Infographics are often used to display information visually, making it fun & easy to share. It is also a great way to incorporate your branding into that sharing process. This infographic depicts the punishment for wearing saggy pants and indecent exposure. Illustrated by Deanna Yildiz.

Infographic about hair

Do professional products preserve hair color? Do women think their appearance improves when they color their hair? These are the kinds of questions that are easily answered in a visually stimulating way such as an infographic. This graphic was illustrated and designed by Deanna Yildiz. Please contact me to get your own infographic.

Maternity Women's Wear

What is Your Ideal Choice as a Pregnancy Outfit? This was part of a design project for Maternity Wear.

Waste Management Animal image

Environmental Agriculture Infographic
Graphic used to depict the amount of waste from agricultural animals as compared to the waste only from human waste.

Behavior Marketing Diagram

Behavior Marketing Graphic

Infographic for Behavior Marketing regarding Motivation

Infographic for Behavior Marketing diagram of Motivation to be used for a Presentation

Ecofriendly hair color method

Infographic showing how the Geo Palette is green and eco-friendly in that it can be rinsed and recycled unlike the traditional foil method of hair coloring.

Graphical webforms

When you put a graphic in your Webform, it can really help your users give you the data you need to collect.

Arctic Poles Graphic

Why are the poles in darkness or light for such long periods of times throughout the year? It’s because of the angle of the earth as it faces the sun while orbiting it. Sometimes you need a great graphic to illustrate a point that photography just can’t help with. This illustration by Deanna shows a perspective combined with labeling that is just simply impossible with a straight photograph.

Budget Flowchart

Budget Flowchart to track expenditures

8 Step Coaching Diagram

8 Step Coaching Model

Simple graphic for a Psychology book

Simple graphic for a Psychology book

Avogadro's Law

Graph by Deanna Yildiz, representing Avogadro’s Law: As amount of gas increases, volume increases.

Chart diagram

Chart diagram showing some famous leaders of the 20th century

Indonesian Map Travels

Map highlighting the travels of Doctorate graduate Dorcinda Knauth for her Indonesian studies