Drawing for Children's book

Character Emotion: Is It Written All Over Their Face? Isn’t it true that we can connect to a person’s gaze, wide eyes, squint, focus & quickness? We watch their mouth, lip tension, teeth flashes, frowns, smiles & pursed lips. Eyebrow lifts, the forehead crinkling & relaxing…each facial micro movement is a message, & gives us clues to what the person is thinking & feeling. Art helps illustrate a character’s thoughts to create a bond with the reader.

Children Illustrations by Deanna

Ever heard the Children’s story, Song of the Birds? This one is a Turkish tale illustrated by Deanna Yildiz. Drawn in Adobe Illustrator by Deanna Yildiz

Character Animation

Here are some of the stages that the fire breathing woman goes through in order to get her animation on. She has quite a range of expressions, doesn’t she? Drawn in Adobe Illustrator by Deanna Yildiz

Children Illustration design

Mr. Button’s, the smiling bear, gets to enjoy his day by going to play in his beautiful park. What an amazing array of animals are hidden in this drawing. Drawn by Deanna in Adobe Illustrator

Walking Bear Animation

Here’s a teeny example of Mr. Buttons as he goes for a bit of an animated walk. Mr. Buttons is quite the character for a teddy bear. Drawn in Adobe Illustrator and animated using Director, by Deanna Yildiz

3-headed dragon art

When a three-headed dragon starts breathing fire, it is time to get out of the way. But I guess when you’re an animated skeleton then you’re not so afraid. The artwork shown here was drawn in Adobe Illustrator by Deanna Yildiz

Dragonball-Z portrait

When his Mom approached Deanna about her son Wayne’s obsession with Dragon Ball Z, Deanna was thrilled to make her son’s birthday even more special by creating him as a cartoon character so could jump right into his fantasy situation. Drawn in Adobe Illustrator by Deanna Yildiz

bird drawings

Funny drawings for Team Danger Girl’s great concepts!

Creation Moon Art Drawing

“Creation” – Art created by Deanna using Adobe Illustrator

Logo design by Deanna Yildiz

What can get cuter than a snow bunny and a Polar bear exchanging a tender kiss? Logo design for the Alaskan Moments greeting card collection, based on Animals from Alaska

drawing of skunk rocker

Deanna sure had fun with this artwork and play on words of cartooned Skunk Rocker. Drawn in Adobe Illustrator by Deanna Yildiz.

Ideas for kids

When you have a painted cut out and can stick a different element behind it, it can be interactive and make for some unique moments. Deanna is having fun pretending to be a sea captain in this fun idea for a kid’s party or playground.

Fun with Art

Even Deanna’s Dad got into the fun with this interactive art piece. It’s a great idea to make art part of a party experience.

Time telling Activity

When your child needs to learn how to tell time, why not make an interactive program that can help? When the child moves the hands on the clock, it will tell them if they have right time or not. After clicking next, it will also reset the clock to show the right time in case the kid got it wrong. This makes learning time easy! Drawn and designed by Deanna Yildiz in Adobe Illustrator

Horses kissing artwork

Yes! Little girls really love horses and Deanna loved making Anastasia’s day with her painting of two horses kissing. Isn’t Anastasia the cutest? Here she is posing for her picture with Deanna Yildiz and her new fine art horse print at the Cornell St. Studios, Kingston, NY

Riding a bunny

When you play with the scale of two different things or beings/creatures, you can sure get some funny situations to develop. Here Deanna gets to ride a huge bunny. This artwork was created using the amazing Adobe Photoshop program. Art created by Deanna Yildiz

Deanna as a dancing elf

She may not be a children’s book character, but here Deanna wanted to dance with her husband, Kutay, and party like an elf just in time for the Christmas spirit.

Music Training Interface

When your children want to learn to play some music, a simple interface can be animated or just used to create a cool website interface. Drawn in Adobe Illustrator by Deanna Yildiz.