Clock mouse animation
Who can forget the tale of Hickory Dickory Doc, the mouse and the clock? The little mouse in this animation enjoys jumping from great heights which is just a little bit ridiculous but makes the return trip quicker. Deanna drew this little animation in Fireworks.
Walking cat footprints
Animation of walking cat foot prints
Owl and Cat animation
Animation of the Owl and the Pussy Cat created by Deanna Yildiz
Angry lady animation
Animation of pissed off lady, character and animation
This is a series of images showing a lady with a bun in her hair and a business suit as she stomps her foot and breathes fire in an angry display. This is the “Fired Up” character for the bilingual hispanic website,
Phenom animation Phenom animation
Walking Bear Animation Walking Bear – Character and Animation
geopalette animation Animation of company name: GeoPalette, snippet of longer animation