Pandora channel for Tommy Steele anyone?

Deanna Yildiz asks a question about multi-talented artistic entertainer, Britain’s Tommy Steele. With his cockney accent and upbeat personality he has charmed people from all over the world.

I ask has anyone created a Pandora Channel for Tommy Steele’s music yet? Well, today, after watching several of his movies and movie clips, interviews and renewing my love for the man, I decided that today is the day I am creating a Pandora station for Tommy so that a click of the button I can enjoy his charming personality and dance to his music whenever I want.

Please use my contact form to let me know if you plan to do the same and also how much you enjoy it when you do. ; )

Hope you are enjoying your day and new station as much as I do.

Deanna Yildiz decides to implement a Pandora station for Tommy Steel, Britiain’s multi-talented music/dance entertainer, effective immediately!

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