Master of Art in Life – Tommy Steele

Deanna Yildiz (née Knauth) tells the world how much she enjoys all the activities that England’s rock’n roller, Tommy Steele executes with such great skill. His charming personality and vibrant attitude bring a greatness to the world and celebrate the art of loving life and living life.

I fell in love with Tommy Steele many years ago when I first saw him in Finnian but I still did not realize what an amazing talent he was and is, until now. I’ve been doing some research on Tommy and the information I pull up is so completely wonderful, that watching him dance and sing on video brings me a feeling of utter joy.

Now I learn, he is also a multi-talented musician. He helped bring the joy of Rock-n-Roll to England and make it part of mainstream music. Tommy learned so many skills throughout his career which continues up until this day in a very successful fashion. He is a sculptor and painter. He is a philanthropist. He makes the world a better place to live in and he inspires me in unimaginable ways. I can only hope to lead as great a life as he inspires.

I have to offer tribute and pay homage to a great man and an inspiration. A gifted dancer too! Which is one of the reasons I fell in love with him….but it is his smile and his attitude which shines as a constant throughout all his activities and which really sets the heart and soul on fire!

Deanna Yildiz discusses the multi-talented Tommy Steele who dances through life and brings art and flair to all he touches.

This man has it! And I celebrate him!

Tommy Steele

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