How do you make your idea stand out?

Why not get a creative Illustration to make your own Idea pop?

bird drawings

Funny drawings for Team Danger Girl’s great concepts!

Adding a great visual is the way to go

When Team Danger Girl, the adventurous hiking group based primarily in New York’s Hudson Valley, approached me about their T-shirt awards, they had planned to only put text on their shirts. Why?

Could they get it by the deadline?

Because they had a tight deadline and they didn’t think there was enough time to get it done in time for their award ceremony — only 5 days away. But when I heard about their great idea and imagined what it would look like as only a text-based t-shirt then I just knew that they needed a great graphic to fully show their concept.

What did they want?

The idea of the award was to give a t-shirt to the happiest hiker in the group called, “The Happy Warbler” and an award for the grumpiest hiker in the group called, “The Grumpy Sparrow.” Well, when I heard the idea it just made me want to laugh out loud and to think of not having an image to go with their fantastic concept really seemed a shame. I said, Yes! I am up for that task. They shot me a design idea of what type of art they might be looking for and I spent that night and the greater part of the next day drawing up ideas for their illustration designs.

How did I do it?

I drew the designs in Adobe Illustrator.

Why did I choose to use Adobe Illustrator?

I used Illustrator because it’s very easy to adjust the artwork and it could even become an animation in the future if they ever needed it for their website. The artwork is totally scaleable meaning that if they wanted to print it at a tiny size or a huge size, the art would not lose any resolution and would look just as sharp as ever.

What was the result?

When I shot the graphics over to their Head Team Member, the results were: “Success!”. She was so happy she sent it to her team immediately. She said she just loved how I made the wing cocked on the hip of the Grumpy Sparrow and I had to admit that it was a last minute touch I threw into the design because I had a feeling it would just help to emphasize the grumpiness of that sourpuss little sparrow. I had such a good feeling knowing that I helped them make a fantastic award ceremony even better even when they had a tight deadline to make.

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