When is it time you need an Illustration?

Sometimes a visual is the best way to illustrate the point you need to make. When you want to get your point home and a photograph just won’t cut it, this is where a great illustration saves the day. Yes, photography is absolutely lovely but you can’t always get the perfect shot you need. And

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When is intricate detail just too much?

When it comes to elephants, every wrinkle is simply precious. Even people, for that matter, tell their stories in wrinkles, scars—the marks of life. The brightness of the eye or the dullness of spirit can be shown in the details. Can you go too far in telling the story? Detail can be ignored, time allows

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Perspective on the Honesty of Art


The perspective is in the mood. Change your mood and that art looks different. Change your mood and the art exists differently. Change your mood and the art is different. I try to be an honest artist, covering all the details in a person’s face, the subtleties of a shadow, the nuance in the eye

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