See my Brandi Carlile poster design for New Year’s Eve

Check out my poster design for Brandi Carlile and let me know what you think. This was created for a competition to win her New Year’s Eve poster design for her up-coming concert. Voting unfortunately ended on Thursday, Dec. 15, 2011. The results are in and I did not win. : (

Here’s the link on the talenthouse website where I entered the competition:

About my design and what inspired it
I focused on the soulful, powerful eyes of Brandi and drew them in Adobe Illustrator where I created the poster design. I included Fireworks because they are a celebratory way to begin the New Year. I focused on the magical feeling of the evening and had fun with the shadings of color in Brandi’s name and using the stars to float the colors around the poster design to keep the viewer’s eye moving. I thought white as a background for Brandi’s name would make it pop out and wanted to keep it nice, simple and have a clean design. I found the Neptune Theatre images and did a variation of their theater name with the Neptune symbol but used a font where each letter was highlighted in a ray or beam of light to show how they spotlight their shows. I had fun doing the project and enjoyed listening to Brandi’s soulful music while I did it. She definitely is an amazing young, talented woman and I see why she has the dedicated fanbase she has. I’m impressed with her and I wanted to do something to show how she’s impressed me.

Randy Spiesman from Weichert Realtors asked me to enter this contest. I was honored that he felt I could do it justice. He thought the end design was beautiful which was very flattering. It’s been a fun project to be involved with.

Thanks for your support.

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