As the New Year flies, let your creativity soar

Here’s a little sketch of birds in flight. Joyously they flutter their wings as they make plans, take direction and jet on their way to their new and better locations.


Study of birds in motion, sketch by Deanna Yildiz
May the New Year find you in a better place than you were, filled with the exhilaration of joy!
Mevlana Turkish Swirling Dervish Dancer, sketch by Deanna Yildiz

And when you’re there, take the time to dance from your heart.

drawing_grandpaPortrait of a Grandfather who passed, drawn in youth, as a gift for a loved one, Drawing by Deanna Yildiz

Or maybe take a quiet moment to study the face of a loved one who has given you great experiences. Let them continue to inspire you with their love as you continue to make them proud in your life.

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