Large Scale

Showing the mural in progess.

Deanna standing next her mural in progress for Club Runway in NYC.

Hey! Hi there. How are you doing? Did you come here to check out my large scale work?

I do large scale art murals. So if you want to get your business or building noticed, I can help with that.

The vibrant colored painting by Deanna Yildiz as a large-scale mural art

Another angle of the completed art mural for NYC’s Club Zen

Colorful, red, orange and yellow magical mural wall artwork by Deanna Yildiz

The finished art mural for Club Zen, Midtown Manhattan

My artwork always stands out and gets a lot of positive comments. I will customize the art for your decor and help you get the impression that you want to make.

Check out some examples of custom work I have done. I work to suit your style of choice.





If you want to make a big impact, then a mural or over-size art is definitely the way to go.

Church door drawing

One of the final drawings for the Church door project

Deanna Yildiz is in a photo with Setrak Agonian, the man who hired her to design the bronze doors that they are standing in front of.

Deanna Yildiz stands with the man who hired her, Setrak Agonian. Working together, they accomplished the sculpted bronze doors that they stand in front of.

Armenian Church

Armenian Church in Manhattan, NY which the doors were designed for.

Armenian scuplture relief

Armenian style that I had to depict.

Armenian Doors

The Doors installed at the Church

Armenian Dancers

Part of the Ceremony when the doors were first installed.

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