Drawing by Deanna Yildiz of herself drawn using Adobe Illustrator in 2015

I create cartoons either sketched by hand as roughs or cleaned up as vector illustrations in Adobe Illustrator. To the left, is a self-portrait of myself I drew in Adobe Illustrator. If you want a cartoon, I can provide you with high quality artwork that you can use for social media, your business card or other purposes.

If you want a cartoon portrait of yourself, just send an email to: deanna at sunny side studios dot com please remove spaces to get started. I will need a few high quality images of you or at least a link to your current online presence. Click here to get started.

Art for Phenom Magazine

Here’s an animated cartoon that I created from scratch:
Angry Woman Character Design
Drawings for Animated Character
This is the “Fired Up” character that I animated for the bilingual hispanic website,

Princess and the Frog
The Princess and the Frog (aka “The Frog Prince”), illustrated by Deanna Yildiz

A childhood teddy bear comes alive in an illustration.

Drawing of a boy into his favorite cartoon world

Sitting Bull & Custer illustration
Drawings for College Humor – Brutal fantasized history comic
designed and illustrated ©Deanna Yildiz

Childproof comic drawing
Drawings for College Humor – Childproof comic
designed and illustrated ©Deanna Yildiz

Star Trek humor IKEA art
Drawings for College Humor – IKEA series of humor
designed and illustrated ©Deanna Yildiz

Stylized Art for Armenian project – Church door display

Here is a portion of the artwork after it was sculpted and bronzed.

Deanna Yildiz is in a photo with Setrak Agonian, the man who hired her to design the bronze doors that they are standing in front of.

Deanna Yildiz stands with the man who hired her, Setrak Agonian. Working together, they accomplished the sculpted bronze doors that they stand in front of.

Armenian Dancers

Part of the Ceremony when the doors were first installed.

Skunk Rocker Art for tattoo
Skunk Rocker, designed and illustrated ©Deanna Yildiz

Skunk design options for client

Client with some design options

Here’s the client with some of his tattoo design options.

Santo Domingo travel art
I designed this poster for flights to the Caribbean.
designed and illustrated ©Deanna Yildiz