Midnight Dancer 8×10 print

Mounting Options

The image is shown here displayed inside of a black matte like what you can order to fit the print.

Description: A compelling, magical, inspiring image appealing to love of nature, simple life pleasures & especially a feminine aspect.

About the painting: “The Midnight Dancer”

What’s going on in the painting?
The Midnight Dancer stands with her arms above her head in a circle, with one leg raised and bent. She is balanced comfortably on one leg in a strong, solid pose. The Midnight Dancer holds her arms above her head in a circle formation which is the symbol of unity.
There is one tree below her raised leg and she stands on a hill. A yellow crescent moon is in the upper left hand corner with a night sky dotted with stars.

Who is the Midnight Dancer?
The Midnight Dancer is a dancer who likes to come out and dance at night when the stars are in the sky. She likes the peace of the night sky. She lives in harmony with the universe.

This image can transport you to a simpler time. Relax and find the peace within yourself. Enjoy the soothing blue colors and the star-dotted sky above.

Title: “The Midnight Dancer”
Artist: Deanna Yildiz
Medium: Acrylic Painting

Size: 8″ x 10″ image printed on 8.5″ x 11″ sized paper. This print fits easily inside a Matte with an 11″ x 14″ outer edge and with an 8″ x 10″ inner opening.
Price: $22.30 – 8″ x 10″ image area print size on heavy-duty paper only with no matte;
$27.30 – Price includes your choice of a black or white matte. Will fit inside an 11″ x 14″ frame
Shipping $6.25