Hi there. I am auctioning a lot of items that I have because I am down-sizing. I think you will find something here you like. If you are interested in anything special? Please let me know on my Contact me page.

All Auctions for Animal Art Starz

Art for Sale – Items for sale are being added directly to my website. When the item is available directly to my store, I will post it up. Thank you for your patience.

ACEO Art Cards

Please click on a link below to see some of Deanna’s ACEO Art Card Collectible items here:

“Creation” – Art Card
Moon esoteric art card

“Creation” – Art created by Deanna using Adobe Illustrator

$1.98 – Free Shipping

“Cheetah Cub” – Art Card

cheetah cub art print

Cheetah Cub art print of my colored pencil, ink, drawing.

$1.98 – Free Shipping

“Mantis Man” – Art Card

Mantis Man painting ACEO art card

An ACEO art print of my original oil painting: “Mantis Man” – a merging between a praying mantis and a human. This morphed being is a little bit creepy but done all in good fun.

$1.98 – Free Shipping

“The Midnight Dancer” – Art Card

The Midnight Dancer ACEO

The Midnight Dancer ACEO Art card of my acrylic painting. A great way to collect a miniature artwork.

$1.98 – Free Shipping

“Mystical Journey” – Art Card

Mystical Journey" - ACEO Art

Mini Art Print of my acrylic painting, “Mystical Journey” – ACEO Art Card, 2.5″ x 3″

$1.98 – Free Shipping