Educational Examples

Insulin Receptor Diagram

Diagram showing how Insulin is the receptor that lets glucose into the cell to be converted and used as energy.

Cancer vs Normal Cell

The difference between a Normal Cell and a Cancer cell with an over-abundance of Insulin Receptors

Cancer Cell illustration

One property a cancer cell can lose is the ability to stay in its place and it begins to float and move.

Target cell drawing

Target cell diagram showing how hormones react with only cells that have specific receptors shaped for that hormone. Illustration by Deanna Yildiz

Endocrine Disruptor

Diagram of Endocrine Disruptor which blocks or changes hormone activity, Illustrated by Deanna Yildiz

Diagram of Fatty Acid Drawing

Diagram showing how Long-Chain Fatty Acids & monoglycerides merge into micelles. Then intestinal cells do further assembly for transportation.

Digestive System drawing

Digestive System Drawing and Diagram by Deanna Yildiz, Illustration

Chemistry illustration

Chemistry art and layout by Deanna Yildiz, demonstrating Charles’s Law: Kinetic energy of molecules based on heating and cooling

Educational drawing of skeleton

Educational diagram of the skeleton illustrated by Deanna Yildiz using Adobe Illustrator

Music Training Interface

Interactive Music Interface for learning to play a song note by note

Avogadro's Law

Graph by Deanna Yildiz, representing Avogadro’s Law: As amount of gas increases, volume increases.

Chart diagram

Chart diagram showing some famous leaders of the 20th century

Map Detail

Map Detail created by Deanna Yildiz

Computer Handout designed by Deanna

Computer Handout designed by Deanna

Computer Basics Handout

Computer Essentials Handout created by Deanna to educate the FIT students, faculty and staff in the computer graphics labs

This is the Desktop Publishing Newsletter that Deanna Yildiz worked on to create monthly content for in order to keep the art directors on top of all the latest print and web production techniques.

Deanna Yildiz worked on content for the monthly Desktop Publishing Newsletter keeping the art directors on top of all the latest print and web production techniques.

Template for Mobile App designed by Deanna Yildiz

Template for Mobile App designed by Deanna Yildiz

Educational - Activity to test

This is an online Educational Activity to test Time-telling skills designed by Deanna Yildiz. The arrow is dragged into position and when they click to the next frame, it will tell them if they are correct and if incorrect, provide them with the correct answer.

Waste Management Animal image

Environmental Agriculture Infographic
Graphic used to depict the amount of waste from agricultural animals as compared to the waste only from human waste.

Solstice Diagram

Arctic Poles Graphic

Solar panel diagram

Solar panel diagram showing how solar panels heat water.