Drawing by Deanna Yildiz of herself drawn using Adobe Illustrator in 2015

Yes, I also create cartoons either sketched by hand as roughs or cleaned up as vector illustrations in Adobe Illustrator. To the left, is a self-portrait of myself I drew in Adobe Illustrator. If you want a cartoon, I can provide you with high quality artwork that you can use for social media, your business card or other purposes.

If you want a cartoon portrait of yourself, just send an email to: deanna at sunny side studios dot com please remove spaces to get started. I will need a few high quality images of you or at least a link to your current online presence. Click here to get started.

Graphic for Phenom Mag

Here’s an animated cartoon that I created from scratch:
Angry Woman Character Design
Drawings for Animated Character
This is the “Fired Up” character that I animated for the bilingual hispanic website,

Princess and the Frog
The Princess and the Frog (aka “The Frog Prince”), illustrated by Deanna Yildiz

A childhood teddy bear comes alive in an illustration.

Drawing of a boy into his favorite cartoon world

Stylized Art for Armenian project

drawing of skunk rocker
Skunk Rocker, designed and illustrated ©Deanna Yildiz

Santo Domingo travel art
I designed this poster for flights to the Caribbean.